2022 Susquehanna Mystery Tours 

The sweet spot of the Susquehanna Mystery is found where the 40th Parallel crosses the Susquehanna River


Come and experience, first-hand, the energy of this part of Tierra Madre, on a walking tour.


Once a month, from May to October, Uncle Mike leads a group tour at a different nature preserve, located at this hallowed ground


Each tour is unique with geological beauty, historical significance, energetic quality and also corresponds to a different “rite,” as described in The Rites of the 40th Parallel (familiarity of The Rites is recommended, but not required).

Tours range from light to moderate hiking and are approximately 90-minutes long.  Rain or shine.  Each tour is limited to 8 people, allowing for personal interaction during the tour.


The tours are held in western Lancaster County (Pennsylvania), easily accessible by car, and approximately a 90 minute drive from Baltimore and Philly.  Full directions provided upon ordering.

Private tours and personalized experiences are available as well.

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Group tours are limited to 8 people per tour.  Reserve your spot now.

All orders are placed directly with Paypal.  

You will receive a detailed confirmation directly from me after the purchase.  

Email michael@susquehannaalchemy.com with any questions.

May 15, 2022; 10 am. Chiques Rock $30/person

The purpose of this tour/Rite is Destruction, or the symbolic act of “letting something go.”  This is an easy 3 mile walk, through history and geology, leading to the ruins of an ancient stone furnace.  By far, the most popular tour. 

June 12, 2022; 10 am. Turkey Hill $30/person

This moderate hike climbs to the summit of Turkey Hill, on the eastern bank of the Susquehanna.  The purpose of this Rite is Inspiration: to become open to what is possible.  

July 17, 2022; 10 am. Highpoint Scenic Vista $30/person

The easiest and shortest walk, Highpoint is located precisely at the 40th parallel, providing 360 degree vistas of the area.  The spirit of place is most tangible here.  The purpose here is to step into balance and equilibrium between seemingly oppositional forces.

August 14, 2022; 10 am. Falmouth Boat Drop (Conewago Falls) $30/person

A short hike through brush and trees leads to the geological enigma of the potholes at Conewago Falls.  Climb out onto these boulders, which extend far into the Susquehanna, for a one-of-a-kind experience.  This is the most unique location of the tours.  The purpose is Integration, solidifying the three previous tours. 

September 18, 2022; 10 am. Chiques Rock $30/person

Book all four tours $100/person

Indicate which date you wish to take the Chiques and Turkey Hill tour.

October 16, 2022; 10 am. Turkey Hill $30/person

Private tour (5 people total), any location, 2 hours. $200

Any of the tours described above, but it is just for you (and up to 4 of your friends). Mutually agreed upon date, time and location.  90 minutes.

1/2 Day Private tour (5 people total), 6 hours.  $500

A six hour day together, with multiple stops, flexible itinerary. 

The Rites of the 40th Parallel $30

The guidebook for a rich, meaningful experience at the Susquehanna River and 40th Parallel, plus four double-sided post cards, rich with information.  Free shipping for US orders.

NOTE:  include your shipping address when ordering.

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