ATTENTION: As of May 4, 2020, I am currently not accepting any new Starboard, Starboard PLUS or Starboard Relationship Ceremony orders until the backlog of orders is cleared.   However, I am offering two new services (Facing Fear Guided Meditation and Starboard Lite), specifically in response to the worldwide initiation that is unfolding.  Go to the Order page to find out more.


to understand your

inner world


to understand the

outer world


to synchronize the inner and outer worlds 

The Starboard Ceremony

This is astrology unlike anything else out there:  artistic, understandable and deeply meaningful.  You send me your birth info, then I send you a 90-minute video file of your Starboard Ceremony. Check out the feedback section to see what people are saying about it.  


The Starboard Ceremony Plus

(aka Existential Detective Work)

Like the regular Starboard Ceremony, you send me your birth info, but with the Plus, you will also fill out an in-depth questionnaire and get interviewed me (for the real

nitty-gritty).  You will then receive a 90-minute Starboard video, plus an additional 60-minutes explaining how your actual life themes and experiences connect directly, and are a reflection of, your astrology.  Finally your life path (and purpose) begins to make sense.  


Relationship Pathways

You provide your birth info and the birth info of someone else (partner, spouse, child, parent, boss, obsession, etc).  Then you get a 90-minute Starboard video revealing the underlying dynamics between the two of you, including chemistry, communication, dominance, longevity and destiny. Navigating relationships becomes easier when you know what is really driving the connection.  


The Susquehanna Mystery

This is the primary "etheric pathway" influencing life on earth.  If you are touched by computers, electricity and/or globalism, then you are linked to this too!  Until I finish writing the Susquehanna Mystery book, the best place to find information is the Susquehanna Alchemy Youtube channel, Instagram account, or subscribe to my Subscribestar account to learn more.  

(hint:  Subscribestar has the best info).



The 100-Year Transition:  

From the First Computer

to the Technological Singularity

There is an underlying Rosicrucian theme, starting with John Dee and his Enochian magic, flowing into ENIAC, the first computer, the into (John) D-Wave, the first quantum computer, and concluding with the Technological Singularity and birth of the (John von) Neumann/New Man.  Go to Youtube, Instagram or subscribe to my Subscribestar account to

learn more.  

Analysis of Popular Culture and Current Events

Movies and news explained like

no one else can.  Instagram and Subscribestar are the best

places for this info.

The PHI Board

A 9.25"x 15" work of art designed to incorporate the Golden (phi) ratio into your meditation practice.  Each PHI board is custom-made and comes with instructions and  for use.  

Starting at $250

3rd Eye Wrap

A handmade leather wrap, worn on the forehead during meditation.  The center piece (a custom stone combination, which varies for each wrap) sits perfectly on the 3rd eye. Each wrap is custom made.  $25 discount if purchased with a PHI Board.

Starting at $125

Rites of the 40th Parallel

A 26-page guidebook outlining everything you need to have a mystical experiences at the epicenter of the Susquehanna Mystery.


Art Journey

Uncommonly good guided meditations, designed to create new neural pathways, anchored in visual art and top-notch sound healing. 


Television Training

for Inner Stillness

Learn how to transform watching television into an inner practice.  Downloadable document.


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