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About Michael Wann

Michael Wann is an anomaly. Despite being raised in America’s most celebrated “planned community” (and large-scale social engineering experiment), he has been able to create an authentic and original expression of life.  But considering this is an astrology-services website, it is fitting to look at Michael through the lens of his own astrology.  


(If you are interested in his perspective, cultural analysis, art, personal stories and more, considering subscribing to his SubscribeStar account or follow him on Instagram.)

He is light, fun, philosophical and immensely creative. 

His Sun, Jupiter, Mercury and Neptune are in Sagittarius in the 5th house.


Strong communications with the Collective Subconscious and the Universal. 

This is indicated by a Cancer-rising linked with a 12th house Gemini moon, and a Mercury aligned to the Galactic Center.


A deep understanding of the destructive and transformative qualities of the subconscious. 

Pluto sits directly on the bottom of his chart (the I.C) and serves as the base a six-pointed star configuration.

About The Starboard

The Starboard was created in the Autumn of 2015 in Wilmington, DE, with the assistance of Sarah Murray.  It is a teaching tool, an energy tool and mythic gameboard.  Every detail was designed to convey information and has meaning.