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Scranton Part 3 - Cause & Effect: The Joe Biden Flub

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

To me, this flub by Biden is validation of what we are doing here is working.⁣


⁣Let me explain. The magic done on the Susquehanna (which includes all the Scranton/Wyoming/The Office workings), is effective because it happens behind the scenes, like the Wizard of Oz. Just as subliminal advertising loses its power once it is known to the conscious mind, seemingly the same is true with river magic.⁣


⁣My purpose for sharing the Susquehanna Mystery has always been to shed light onto it, to take away its power.⁣


⁣Biden’s 30330 is the result of multiple people’s involvement. Simple participation, like Bobby’s comment, created a hiccup on “magical” plane of reality.⁣


⁣The gaffe, to the normal person, is a sign that Biden isn’t capable of the job of president. That isn’t to say that another nominee would be better (the entire system is the problem, imo, regardless of party), but we see here the tangible effect of our awareness and participation.

originally posted 8-1-2019

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