Is there something unusual, uncatagorizable or unexplainable from your life story you need looked into?  


History, pop culture, astrology, family history, personal stories and more are all areas where Custom Research can help uncover your mystery.  


With Custom Research, you provide me the details to get started, then I research and do what I do.  You receive a recorded 60-minute  presentation, with visuals, via Dropbox, going as deep as I can go.


After ordering, I will contact you to get the ball rolling.


Note:  In the event of a very wide (aka time consuming) scope of research (e.g. having to read an entire book, looking at three or more astrology charts) the price will have to increase.  This is rare, but you will be notified if this is the case and be given the option to cancel the order if desired.

The Syncromystic Detective: Analysis of an Unexplainable Aspect of Your Life