Biomancy is the Art of Interpreting Life


My research, presentations and podcasts demonstrate a unique way of interpreting and linking events in a beautiful, harmonious way across a wide spectrum.  I call this approach Biomancy.


With this service, I apply my focus on you and your life.  


Upon ordering, you will receive a link to an indepth form looking into your experiences, ranging from where you lived, the type of vehicles you have driven, to events that have pushed you to your physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual limit.  


You also include your birth information for me to view your natal astrology chart.  


I compare the two: your experiences and your heavens -- and identify trends, recurring themes and more.


With this information as the roadmap, we have a one-hour video call, begining with what is presently happening in your life. 


This is a fluid and exciting conversation, identifying golden threads and mysteries of your experience, triangulated from a variety of angles.   I never know where the conversation will take us, but it is always immensely insightful.


Note:  this service is particularly good for analyzing any unusual event (or string of events).

Biomancy Session: Your Story Revealed by the Stars, Life Experiences & the Now