The Phi Board is a mediation tool, a grounding device and a work of art.  It is satisfying to hold, beautiful to look at and effective to use. Here are the basics:  It begins as a wood board, cut to the ratio of a Golden or Phi Rectangle (in this case, that is approximately 15” x 9.25”), then it is covered in sand and stones, and painted to highlight the fractal natural of a Golden Rectangle.   


Every detail of the board is designed to deepen and heighten the effects of meditation, including many subliminal effects.  No to boards are alike.  


Through use in meditation, the board deepens your connection with the subtle realms of reality, while also grounding you to the earth.  This is the natural result of integrating intention, focus, breath with the Golden Ratio.  Detailed instructions provide multiple techniques for using the PHI board.


Each board is handmade to order, and may take up to 4 weeks to make.


The standard board does NOT include personal details (name, astrology, etc).  



Phi Meditation Board - Standard

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