Meet me at Chiques Rock, site of the First Rite of the Rites of the 40th Parallel for a 90-minute personal tour.  

The Rites of the 40th Parallel are four walking meditations at the sacred location of the Susquehanna River at the 40th Parallel. 

Each walk reflects a different aspect of the life cycle (Birth, Life and Death), taken in reverse order. 

The first walk is at Chiques Rock Park and the energy here supports the intention of letting something go - letting something die. Ritual happens when outer actions symbolically match inner intentions. The purpose of the Chiques walk is to take the symbolic March of Death, to let go of  a behavior, a thought-pattern, and/or a relationship whose time has passed, yet action lingers on.

The destination of Chiques’ rite is an old iron furnace, located just off the paved trail. This is literally where great fires burned. Enter here to symbolically burn away what needs to be destroyed.


The description may sound intense, it is an enjoyable and empowering experience!


The price is for up to 8 people (meaning whether one person comes or 8, it costs the same).


Once you place an order, I will contact you to schedule a date, time and give specific directions. 


Private Walking Tour of the First Rite of the Rites of the 40th Parallel