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©2019 by Susquehanna Alchemy

The Starboard Ceremony for the individual is a one-of-a-kind astrological experience.  Rather than getting a computer print-out of a natal chart (which is no different than hieroglyphics if you are not experienced with astrology), your chart is built on the Starboard, with stones representing the planets, placed where they were located at the moment of your birth.  By making your natal chart tangible, astrology moves from an abstract concept, to an understanding of your natal chart as your unique literal relationship with the universe.  


And this is only the beginning.  


Every person who speaks the language of astrology brings their own unique touch.  By looking at the artistry and detail of the Starboard, and seeing the capability to identify hidden connections as demonstrated in the Susquehanna Mystery, you can begin to appreciate the beauty, precision and intuition that is brought to your Starboard Ceremony.


Once your order is placed, you will receive an email requesting a short bio and a picture.  The information you share provides a platform to compare your chart to.  Whatever you say gives a real-world manifestation of your astrology.  Astrology isn’t a parlor trick meant to wow you with its accuracy (though that certainly occurs).  Astrology  is a tool to better understand one’s self.


Other than the bio, that is all you have to do.  No scheduling.  No coordinating.  The Starboard Ceremony is recorded without you (consciously) present.  The camera points down at the Starboard and you are spoken to as if sitting across the table.  Then the video is edited, put on a flash drive, and mailed to your doorstep to be viewed as many times as desired.



The flashdrive contains six files:


  • one video file, approximately 90 minutes in length (the Ceremony)
  • one jpeg image of your completed Starboard
  • one jpeg image of the two cards chosen for you at the beginning of the Ceremony
  • one jpeg image of the natal chart, as traditionally presented
  • one jpeg image of the list of planetary placements, houses and aspects
  • one jpeg image of the correlation between the physical energy centers (chakras) and the planets


For international orders, all the files are uploaded to a cloud service to be streamed or downloaded, instead of receiving the flash drive.  When its ready, a link to the files is emailed.

Starboard Ceremony: Individual