The Starboard Ceremony for Relationships provides greater detail into the dynamic between two people.  This is done by building two people’s natal charts on the Starboard and identifying what planets are connected, and in what way.  


For example, if one person’s Venus (relating) is in the same location to the other person’s moon (emotional world), it indicates a deep, enjoyable emotional bond.  However if Venus and the moon were exactly 90 degrees apart, it suggests a strong, yet difficult emotional connection.  


Relationships (whether romantic, platonic or parent-child) are always complex.  By looking at all of the different ways two people’s planets connect, the complexity becomes more clear.  And by building the charts on the Starboard, the interpretation moves from a purely abstract notion to something accessible.


The Starboard Ceremony for Relationships brings insight to all types of relationships, in every stage, whether it is brand new or a long, established one.


Like always, astrology should be used as a tool to better understand and navigate life.  Use what astrology reveals as a map to understand actual experience.


For the Starboard Ceremony for Relationships, both person's birth information is required.  Also include when ordering the nature of the relationship (romantic, platonic, family, etc).


Once the Starboard Ceremony is completed, you will recieve a flashdrive in the mail, containing eight files:


  • one video file, approximately 90 minutes in length (the Ceremony)
  • one jpeg image of the completed Starboard
  • one jpeg image of the two cards chosen for the relationship at the beginning of the Ceremony
  • one jpeg image of each person's natal chart, as traditionally presented
  • one jpeg image of the list of planetary placements, houses and aspects for each person
  • one jpeg image of the correlation between the people's charts


For international orders, all the files are uploaded to a cloud service to be streamed or downloaded, instead of receiving the flash drive.  When its ready, a link to the files is emailed.

Relationship Pathways

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