Never before has such a large percentage of humans on the earth had a shared experience like what is currently unfolding.  Make no mistake, this is a worldwide initiation.  And this is the opportunity for each us to finally see and transform unconscious, shadow traits into the gold they truly are.  But only if you do the work.


The stress of the quarantine, the lack of a variety in human interaction and the cumulation of the unknowns is the perfect scenario to force all of our shadows to the surface.  That is the nature of the event.


The Starboard Lite service provides you a map to do the necessary inner work for this time.


Here is how it works:  you fill out an in-depth intake form about your life.  I study your natal chart.  Then we have a one hour Zoom call.  In the first half you will explain all that has come up since the initiation began, and in the second half, I identify recurring themes, hidden patterns and how they connect directly to your natal chart (or soul map). 


This insight will help you understand how your mundane life and mythic journey are one in the same, and help provide the direction, encouragement and inspiration to move through this transition and maximize the opportunity.


Unlike regular Starboard ceremonies that can take up to three months from order to delivery, you can anticipate your Starboard Lite call within two weeks of ordering.

Starboard Lite: The Worldwide Initiation and You

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