In a regular Starboard Ceremony, your astrological blueprint is decoded.  It then becomes your responsibility to see how and where your astrological qualities show themselves in your actual life experiences.  However looking at your own life objectively can be a tricky process.  That is where the Starboard Ceremony PLUS (SB+) comes in!


With the SB+, you receive both an astrological decoding plus a full explanation of how and where your astrological tendencies showed themselves in your life trajectory. 


The same capability of uncovering hidden connections and underlying themes (as demonstrated with the Susquehanna Mystery) it applied to YOU.  Suddenly your life path will make more sense.  This new-found clarity can reveal your purpose and destiny.


Here is how it works:  once you place your order, I will send you a detailed questionnaire about your life.  Then, after reviewing it and comparing to your natal chart, we have a conversation.  I interview you.  I dig deep, I see your communication style, I study you without judgement, and get to the heart of your life journey, then compare and contrast it to your astrological chart. 


You will receive 2 1/2 hours of video.  The first part is your Starboard Ceremony, explaning your natal chart, and the second part of the video explains how your astrology influences your life.  Dominant energies are identified, as well as potentials waiting to be expressed.  


This is what is means to know thy self.

The Starboard Ceremony PLUS

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