The Starboard Ceremony is a one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime experience.  


It is an heirloom service, meaning you will wish to keep it and watch it at least once a year for as long as you are able.


On the most basic level, your natal chart (the placement of the heavenly bodies at the moment of your birth) is built upon the Starboard, using stones to represent the planets. As this occurs, you are given an explanation of both how astrology works (truths, traps and mysteries) and your story, as told in accordance to the mythology of the stars.  


On a slightly deeper level, the Starboard Ceremony objectively demonstrates your unique relationship with the “knowable macrocosm.”  This creates a deep psychologocal-spritual connection between you and the material world, moving astrology from an abstract concept to a tangable construct. 


On an even deeper level, the Starboard Ceremony frees you from your personal story. This is not to imply that the story told in the Starboard Ceremony is Your story. No, it is a version of your story, and will undoubtedly ring both true and false. The ultimate gift of the Starboard Ceremony is to free you of all stories, so you can write your own (and own your rights) story.


This is not a live, or interactive, service.  You recieve a video recording, either viewable from Dropbox or a flashdrive  physically mailed to your address.


So once you place an order, there is nothing else to do.  No scheduling.  No coordinating.  The Starboard Ceremony is recorded without you (consciously) present.  The camera points down at the Starboard and you are spoken to as if sitting across the table.  Then the video is edited, put on a flash drive, and mailed to your doorstep to be viewed as many times as desired.



The flashdrive contains six files:


  • one video file, approximately 90 minutes in length (the Ceremony)
  • one jpeg image of your completed Starboard
  • one jpeg image of the two cards chosen for you at the beginning of the Ceremony
  • one jpeg image of the natal chart, as traditionally presented
  • one jpeg image of the list of planetary placements, houses and aspects


For international orders, mailing of a flash drive is not an option.  Files will be uploaded to Dropbox for your viewing and/or downloading.  


IMPORTANT:  Only one Startboard Ceremony is preformed per month. You can book now and be put on the wait list (which has ranged anywhere from 1 to 6 months) or you can contact me via email for the waitlist and will be given an opportunity to reserve a spot.


The Starboard Ceremony: Premium Astrology