In The Art of War by Sun Tzu, it is revealed the most effective means of waging war is when the enemy is oblivious that war is being waged upon them.  Tzu also tells us that when the enemy IS aware war is being waged upon them, it is best that they don't know who is their adversary.

By now, it should be self-evident that:

  • the human family is under a covert, yet full-spectrum attack,  

  • a sizable part of the population is unaware we are under attack, 

  • and for those who do see what is happening, it is unclear who.  

We are on the receiving end of Sun Tzu’s strategy.

Humanity's ability to adapt to a wide range of physical and psychological environments is being used against us.  


By slow-drip, the management of culture, over a multi-generational timeframe, has normalized an anti-human/anti-earth lifestyle.  We have adapted to our own self-destruction, finding it normal and even enjoyable.


And now, at this very moment in time, we are at the climax of a 400-year transition into the next stage of managed "life on earth," which the anti-human/anti-earth lifestyle has been normalizing.


The good news is that during the transition, that is occurring right now, we have the greatest opportunity to break free.

The purpose of Susquehanna Alchemy is NOT to provide solutions, but to teach how to identify and avoid the traps of the sick and clever system, and inspire our collective remembering of a harmonious, plentiful and completely different way to experience life on and with Earth.

The Culture Creators use the heavens as both a timing mechanism and the narrative to control society.  This is why zodiacs are found in the halls of the institutions that rule the masses, such as the Congress building and the headquarters of the Federal Reserve. 


We are being transitioned into the Age of Aquarius from the Age of Pisces and this comes with a major change in narrative (lifestyle).  


Whether or not YOU subscribe to astro-theology or astrology is irrelevant, the ones who dictate our culture and life do.  Knowing the logic of what is happening is helpful to navigate The Apocalypse.


Apocalypse, from the astro-theological perspective, means the collapse of one age (time period) and the birth of a new one.  The transition is a grand, occult ritual for the controllers and “interesting times” for the unaware participants/populations. 


The past 400 years has been an overlap between the collapse of the Age of Pisces and the birth of the Age of Aquarius.  As we move towards the "Big Bang," the speed of life and chaos increases.  This began in earnest after WWII, and now is quickly moving towards the climax.


Each age is associated with specific archetypes.  The Age of Aquarius corresponds to humanity, lightning and innovation.  Aquarius has an ancient planetary ruler, Saturn and a modern ruler, Uranus. 


The rulers have different archetypes as well, with Saturn being authoritative and controlling  and Uranus being freedom and individuality. 


The Culture Controllers have a specific agenda for what the Age of Aquarius is to look like:  a Saturnian (authoritative) expression of Aquarius through globalism (humanity as one unit), computer technology (one type of innovation) and electricity (one expression of lightning). 


But the truth is, assuming the Age of Aquarius is a fact of life to begin with (which is a different discussion), the Age of Aquarius does not have to look like what we have been conditioned to - the archetypes have infinite expressions or manifestations.


 The Age of Aquarius could very well be a golden age of humanity (as it has been described), a period of freedom, individuality, a sincere recognition of each person as a part of the same human family, with innovation and electricity in harmony with Earth, in every possible way.


Alternative expressions of Life-on-Earth SHOULD sound like fantasy when you first hear them because we have been conditioned to see the world in a certain way - anything outside of that band of reality WILL seem like magic.

The first seven years of life creates a baseline in each individual for what is "normal." The personal and cultural environment of the first seven years, regardless of what it is, on a subconscious level, it is what the rest of life is compared to.  This fact of our human-ness has been exploited.  


Since 1945, western culture has slowly force-fed the population an anti-human/anti-earth lifestyle of globalism, computer technology and electricity.  Each year, culture becomes slightly more anti-human/anti-earth, but because the change has happened slowly and feels relatively similar to the first seven years of life, it seems normal and even enjoyable.  


But the culture we have been given is an inversion of TRUTH.

What is the TRUTH?  Truth, in this context, is anything that is supportive to BOTH the human experience and harmonious  to all life on Earth.  This is what is meant by pro-human/pro-earth.  

The trickery of Culture Creation is making anti-human/anti-earth look normal.  However when you begin to look at aspects of our normal life as they truly are, you will see the majority of our culture and how we do things are, in truth, anti-human/anti-earth. 

We have been sold a false narrative that its normal for Life-on-Earth to be parasitic.

Culture Creation, which acts like the Pied Piper bringing humanity willingly into a Saturnian expression of the Age of Aquarius, uses an inversion technique.  This means, a truth is taken, then flipped on its head.


Using this definition of TRUTH as a compass, it becomes easy to identify inversion culture.  The videos, presentations and blog entries you find here demonstrate in detail the multi-level trickery and reality we are experiencing. 


This deserves repeating:  the purpose of Susquehanna Alchemy is NOT to provide solutions, but to teach how to identify and avoid the traps of the sick and clever system, and inspire our collective remembering of a harmonious, plentiful and completely different way to experience life on and with Earth.

As for my thoughts, well, everything we know and have become accustomed to (computers and internet, pharma, health, the human body, manufacturing, planes, trains and automobiles, etc) are inversions of an actual truth.  We should be able to experience the truth of what all of these inversions offer (such as accessing and sharing information with limitations of time and space, total physical health, travel and more) in a way that is in harmony with the human experience and with Earth.  


Clues are all around us that there are of other ways of being.  True solutions at this level will sound like fantasy at first.  But it must begin with an idea.  A willingness to move off of what know, and a willingness to go into the unknown.  Their system can not be fought, it can only be starved off.  There is more out there and it is being hidden from us.


My hope is this website, my art, presentations and more are a stepping stone and inspiration to where we are to go.  One day, we wont need/use computers or internet, for our lives will be so different, it will seem like fantasy from today's perspective.


Until then, thank you for stopping by.


Mike and the Gang

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