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Neural pathways are interconnected chains of brain cells, existing inside of you.  They are neither felt nor seen, but can be identified through corresponding behaviors. They are formed through experience and are the physical structure of your feelings and thoughts.  

Since neural pathways exist inside of you,  they are the microcosm.  If there is a microcosm, there must also be a corresponding macrocosm - a set of invisible pathways that you live life within.  We call this macrocosm etheric pathways.  And you, the individual, is the bridge between your inner world and outer life.


Like neural pathways, etheric pathways can not been seen nor felt, but can be identified if you know what to look for.  They are formed by events and are the etheric structure of our collective experiences (life).


The better you understand neural pathways, the better you can understand etheric pathways.  They are similar, but because they exist on different planes of reality, they are different from each other, as well.


To understand how you work, you need to understand your neural pathways.  To understand how our world (culture) works, you need to understand the etheric pathways.

The Susquehanna Mystery

Just as hypnosis can establish neural pathways in the brain, what we call "magic" can establish etheric pathways in the world.  And just as some hypnotists are more effective than others, so is true with magicians establishing etheric pathways.  (note:  neural pathways and etheric pathways can be formed organically, through life, or can be designed and implanted).


The Susquehanna Mystery is possibly the most significant etheric pathway on the planet, laid down by the most influential magicians of the last 400 years. 

The Susquehanna Mystery is a 400-year state sponsored magical working, anchored on the most geologically significant river on the planet (both hypnosis and magic are based upon anchoring), timed to the turning of the ages (at its foundation, astrology is a time-keeping tool) .  But dont take my word on it, just look at the history books, follow the syncronicities and the image becomes clear. 


On the Susquehanna, you will find the birthplace of globalism, the computer industry and wired distribution of electricity - three concepts that currently impact all of life on earth and also correspond to the qualities associated with the Age of Aquarius. And this is the tip of the historical iceberg.

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The Susquehanna River and her estuary, the Chesapeake Bay, is one of the five oldest rivers on the planet.

To understand the Susquehanna Mystery is to understand how our reality is controlled and influenced on a deeper level, and to do so requires work (as does anything worthwhile).  But if you put in the time and effort, freedom, greater awareness and expanded consciousness, will be your reward.


To learn more about the nature of etheric pathways, the Susquehanna Mystery, and more, subscribe to the Susquehanna Alchemy Subscribestar account.

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The Susquehanna Mystery begins with The John Smith Map of Virginia (1612). Encoded within the map, via steganography, is the location the Susquehanna River and the 40th Parallel.

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At the Susquehanna River and the 40th Parallel, in material reality, is a public park, situated in perfect T-square alignment with three colleges.  Each college, directly or symbolically, connects to the Order of the Rosy Cross, or The Rosicrucians.


The park in the center of the T-square alignment is called Highpoint Scenic Vista, and it is in the shape of the Sun and crescent Moon. This is an ancient alchemical symbol, significant to the Rosicrucians.

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Within Rosicrucian lore, is the enigmatic concept of the Invisible College.

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The Rites of the 40th Parallel is the guidebook of the enigmatic spot.

and this is only the tip of the iceberg....

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